Wednesday, November 11, 2015

 Being a part of Operation Christmas Child has really opened my eyes to the amazing ministry the program that is bringing many people to Christ all around the world. I never realized before that Operation Christmas Child was so much more than just presents for underprivileged kids. The children who receive Christmas boxes will attend the life changing program every Saturday for three months being tough the powerful message of the Gospel.
(The picture above is from one of the many training sessions we've had to train pastors how to teach a discipleship program that is offered through Operation Christmas Child.)

For the past week I have been pretty busy with getting ready for Operation Christmas Child and helping out around the orphanage, so I apologize for not writing a post for a while. Here's a little glimpse into my life this next week. Tomorrow it the only normal day I have for the next week: I wake up at 6:30; study Spanish; watch a special needs child; and teach English and gym. On Friday I am going to Puerto Vallarta to help repair the other orphanage from damage it sustained from the hurricane. I'll be out there for a week, and am excited to see a different part of Mexico.

Prayer Request:
Today I noticed that I'm braking out in a rash all over my body, so please pray that it would go away and my body would stop inching like crazy.