Where I'm Going

I  am going to be in Guadalajara, Mexico working and staying at an orphanage called Fundacion Emmanuel.

Here are some quick facts about Guadalajara Mexico

Population  approximately 1,500,000 (2010)

Temperature by Month (Low to High)

January      43 to 74
February    45 to 76
March        47 to 79
April          51 to 83
May           55 to 85
June           60 to 85
July            60 to 80
August       58 to 78
September 57 to 77
October     51 to 74
November 47 to 77
December  45 to 73

The rainy season in Guadalajara is June to September where it rains on average 15 to 20 days per month.  I will be missing most of that.

Guadalajara is the 2nd largest city in Mexico and is the capital of Jalisco.

Guadalajara is a cultural hub of Mexico and hosts many internationally renowned events including a film festival and a book fair.

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